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All of our  pups come fully vet checked, Utd on shots and worming


​​Whelping pens for mommies they like privacy.

All of our pups come fully vet checked, Utd on shots and worming.

​For licensed, professional kennel services Top of the Ridge Kennel is the best you will find in the Kendall area and the  surrounding areas.

If you are looking for a pet then come visit Top of the Ridge Kennel. Our facility is well  maintained, clean and secure. We take great care of all our little puppies. Bring the joy of a new puppy (or two) into your home. Buying a puppy is a big decision. You will want to ensure you choose the dog breed that is right for you and your family. The health of our puppies is thoroughly checked and Guaranteed..  For safety  of our puppies . We dont show them till 4 sets of shots . Any puppies 8 weeks or older can be viewed in our play area. 

Contact Us by appointment  to View Our Dog Kennel                                          608-344-0707 By Appointment Only.                                                                          

Top of The Ridge Kennel Quality Puppies-Puppy Breeds

thoroughly checked and Guaranteed.


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To see which puppies are available look at puppy gallery page, that will show a picture and what kind they are. If they are young and you want to put a deposit on one you like. We will hold it for $200to $300 deposit depending on which bred of puppy.with the rest due at pickup. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON DEPOSITS. All sales are subject to tax!

Treat your dog or puppy to the great range of accessories we have to offer at our kennel. We carry quality and stylish collars and leashes,toys, grooming supplies and more. If you purchase a new puppy, we will even give you a discount of half retail price. We also sell dogfood the puppies are on here. we give you a small bag of food and a small soft pack for the change over. all puppies come with a health Guarantee and 4 sets of shots and worming done from 2  weeks old. neopar and neovac is the shots we use. very great for young puppies. keep them safe. when you get them. 


Our puppies get spoiled

We take pride in our dogs and puppies. 


Vicki and Larry Meltesen Owners , We open at 11 am by appointment only. Take appointments till around 7 pm. some times later depending on the day!


Family business. Kalob Meltesen and his wife Autumn will be taking over the Kennel when we retire. If your interested in her puppies click the link at the top! @608-377-3507 



 I bought my toy poodle bichon from Topoftheridgekennel.  Absolute Joy to our lives. I highly recommend them. thank you so much. Cathy Johns


We got our baby jake from Vicki February of 2013 we loved him so much we went back to her January 2013 and got our other baby jaxon! She is wonderful definitely THE place to get a dog!! They are both Maltese and Bichon Frise mix. Stephanie Gathje


My little Ellie...she is so sweet! Such a good natured little one and she is very smart! Very easy to bell train to go potty...a great edition to our family!  Tammy Schnelle


Thanks for my 2 loving teddybears . they are so sweet and have their own homemade beds from papa. Yes we spoil them . Thanks so much! June Towne 


Love our morkie . 


Love our 3 babies we got from top of the ridge kennel.


Auggie Doggie relaxing with our mini doxy. Thank you Vicki for Auggie. He has been a great light in our family. He always makes us smile. He adjusted very quickly to our fast paced life style. I'm looking forward to getting another puppy from you in the future.  Tanya Trokan 


Love our cavalier so much thanks so much


We love our baby Bichon We got from you. He is amazing. Barb Hoilien


This is Bella....doesn't like her sweater!! Thank You Top of the Ridge, we are loving her to pieces!! April Dowell


Thanks for Bringing Pandora into our home....She is amusing..into everything and really hates getting a bath...Anyone who is looking for a Puppy this is the place to come...Thanks again Dawn Marrese Stomski 


I Love my puppy Bacardi. He is so sweet. Everyone I know wants one. Vicki, you and your husband have a beautiful place to raise and sell puppies and you do a fantastic job raising them. I couldn't be happier. It was also wonderful getting to know you. I hope we always stay in touch with each other. Thank you for all of your advice and for teaching me a few things I didn't know about puppies. Lori. A very happy cutomer!!!!!!
Lori Seitz‎


My little Shorkie from TopoftheRidge Kennel. Couldn't be happier. .She is a little doll, Vicki you have the cutest puppies ever . so glad I found you! Judith Bresser


Got my little Zena Jane girl from there super nice owners&very clean kennel.Linda Hubbard


This is one of my babies i got from you. I am so happy I found such a good breeder . you love all your dogs like they are family. thanks so much I for sure will be back in future to get a puppy from you. and thanks so much for meeting me with the puppy. I know i can't drive that far after my knee problems.   Laura Rhymer


Thank you so much Vicky! We were very pleased and felt super comfortable with your service and help with our new puppy! We've decided to name her Mila! Thank you!!Fue Thao


I got my Morkie pup here last Saturday. He is the sweetest, well behaved little pup. Anyone looking for a puppy should definatly go here!
Lacey Beige


I got Harper in November and couldn't ask for a better dog. She learns quickly, is very cuddly, gets along with other dogs, and is extremely well behaved. Thank you! Tessa Winter 


Got our 2 puppies from top of the ridge kennel. we love them dearly. Dad Got our 2 puppies from top of the ridge kennel. we love them dearly. Dawn Rameywn Ramey


We love our baby Bichon We got from you. He is amazing. Barb Hoilien


We love our Bichon we bought from you.   Love Aunt Debbie


I convinced my dad to let us drive the over 3 and half hours to get a Morkie from TopoftheRidge Kennels and I am so pleased with my puppy, Millie, that I got October 2014! Great place, great puppies, and a wonderful owner! Katherine Ann Templin


So in love with this angel. Thanks top of the ridge kennel Kari Schindler


We got our baby girl Luna and she is an angel! smile emoticon the cutest Maltese puppy in the world and in excellent, healthy condition! Perfectly weaned off her mom and was ready at 9 weeks for her forever home with us! The best breeder I have ever seen! If I ever get another dog it will be from here! smile emoticon


We got a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Top of the Ridge Kennel at the end of September. They were a delight to work with and our puppy has been a great addition to our family. Thank you Top of The Ridge Kennel for the best puppy we could ask for!! We will be back in the future!


Here are my 2 angels I got from you! They are my life and you take awesome care of your puppies. I recommend you to anyone looking for a puppy, You take pride in all your dogs and these 2 angels have made my life complete. I met you and now we are sisters for life. Thanks top of the ridge kennel for these awesome babies. your kennel is the cleanest nicest kennel anywhere. love Vicki Ackerson 


I bought a toy poodle from Vicki a week ago. He got car sick and a bit stressed out on the way home that he ended up vomiting and had diarrhea for a few days. I texted Vicki on my way home and she followed up till the puppy did well. I had him checked by a vet since I was going to make a longer car trip to Cleveland Ohio next week to deliver him to my sister. The vet said that he was healthy and found no parasites in his stomach. He's eating very well and full of energy. He is also very smart and catching onto being potty trained. I'm going to be a little sad to give him away to my sister because he's got such a personality. I already purchased one the cavapoo and I am assured that I will be getting a great dog. I can't wait to see my new pup in January.


 We love our golden doodle puppy we got from you. Her name is Abby and she is the sweetest puppy! Thanks so much . Matt and Fran


Our maltipoo we named her Sprite. she is adorable. Sheri Erickson


Vicki I want to personally thank you for my grand daughter's darlin baby , Harley...Harley is so loved by the entire family...Both my daughter ( Bridget ) & my grand daughter, Lorin were amazed by your kindness and how amazing you run your business....How well all your dog's are taken care of and loving they are...Also how well kept and clean you keep everything...I believe these babies you raise touch hearts and bring blessings into people's lives...Thank you ! Harley is a home full of love and care and Harley has brought happiness and love into their home...May God Bless you, always !


This is our Teddy Bear, Dolly Girl that we got from Vicki. She is cuddling with her kitty Flower. She has been the best thing to come into my life since my grandson. Dolly Girl is so smart, she knows how to do eight different tricks. If she wants a treat she will go find a piece of paper and bring it to us so she is "rewarded" for helping to clean. Dolly will ring a bell on the front door when she has to go out to potty. These are bonuses besides the tricks she does. She is never very far from my side. When I come home from work she comes running, jumps up to pull at my shirt or coat so I pick her up for her to give me my welcome home kisses.
Dolly Girl and her kitty Flower.  Johnna Baldwin


I Have so much love for Jazz from everyone.Thank you again.. Id like to give special thanks to Vicki Melty at Topofthe Ridge Kennels for this wonderful bundle of joy.. If anyone or anyone you may know is looking for a puppy.. look Topofthe Ridge Kennels up.. Amazing owners and such a clean/healthy/loving place..Jeff Lentz


Our Shihpoo is the best little puppy. Healthy, smart, and just too darn cute. We had a great experience picking him out. We felt comfortable and no pressure. In fact I think she went above trying to be more than helpful! The kennel was clean. The pups in great condition. The price right where it should be. Thank you so much!! Great addition to our family. Louise Ferron 


My entire family is absoluely loving the puppy !!He is abolutly adorable!!! My sister in law says her puppy is doing great also and they love him. he gets long with their big dog also. thanks Top of the Ridge Kennel.     Kelly 




I love our golden doodle we got from you so much. He is spoiled and loved to Pieces. Rebecca Lynn​


Thank you so much top of the ridge kennel. We love our Minnie doodle so much. Cooper was so easy to potty train. only 2 accidents and no more. wonderful and best puppy ever.  Love Autumn and Kalob and Emma


Stella's Xmas Photo 2015 , The hat lights up too.  Jane Punzel


  • We Love our Teddybear we got from you he is so smart and amazing. thanks so much


Excited to pick up our Cavapoo today. we love him already!

​My second cavalier I got from. I  Love them both so much.  Love him so much he makes our home a hap

A Huge thank you to Vicki Melty from Top of the ridge kennel in Kendall for our Awesome addition. She is so good. We ♡♡♡♡ her!!!! Donna Endre Boberg


We got our parti Morkie Lucy Lou here. Drove three and a half hours for this cutie. She is the perfect pup -- beautiful shiny coat and sweet, bouncy temperament. Highly recommend TopoftheRidge Kennels. Parents and pups all well cared for and loved.
Laura Ritchie


Kodiak we got from you he is knee high and 20 pounds . A big sweet heart. Jerome Leak


Love our 3 dogs we got from you. we won't buy from anyone else. you take great care of them. thanks Angie.


Our sweet maltese we got from you. doing awesome!


4 little paws from our house to yours.! adopt a pet. A home isn't a home without a few puppies. Get some Pets today.


I am so happy I found my sweet little Caviler. I will be back for another in the future. John Kieler


Love our shihba Inu We are lucky to have found you. thanks much topoftheridge.


Hi Vicky. Our Yorkie we named la ruby rose/ we call ruby, she comes to her name, she loves playing with her  two Chihuahua sisters, she likes all toys, she is full of sprit, very socialized. she was completely paper trained in one week,,,, thanks for our little girl!!!.everyone should get their puppy from you, you give a lot of tlc. thanks so much,    Sharon & Allen Hansen 


Our little Auggie Doggie we got.  Super sweet and a great addition to our family! He gets along great with every one and every animal he meets. eat and a great addition to our family! Tanya Trokan

Picked up the new addition to our family today. Here is Milo.♡ Love him to pieces .. Rebecca Lynn



Love our little teddybear so much.  Thanks Jessica


Love out little Cavapoo she is doing great. thanks so much Vicki


Excited to pick up our Cavapoo today. we love him already!


Love our pug Boston we got from you. she is amazing!


This is my beautiful boston from topoftheridgekennel. thanks so much.


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